Serve the Future was born during the first summer of the pandemic when Leslie Banks helped organize a small tennis camp for students in the Phoenix Union School District. Witnessing their hunger to learn and their lack of access to tennis resources, Leslie became passionate about creating a more comprehensive program to empower these hardworking and inspiring teenagers through the sport.

Seeing the joy and eagerness in their eyes, Leslie knew she wanted to share her love for tennis and provide them with an opportunity to play a sport that could positively impact their lives. Besides learning how to play, they also gain essential life lessons like responsibility, self-confidence, and perseverance. Their dedication and excitement for the game are truly contagious.

Based in Phoenix, the organization chose this area because of its diverse and nationally recognized school district, serving a 95 percent minority population and facing economic challenges. Many students come from non-English speaking households, and access to sports like tennis is limited. With a strong commitment to making a difference, Serve the Future aims to break barriers and provide these youths with a sport they can cherish for a lifetime.